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  Topic: Cyclops CP-77x

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PostForum: Design Submissions   Posted: 2018-08-09 22:57   Subject: Cyclops CP-77x
Why not a command console or an Improved C3 system over the 7 ton comm system?
  Topic: Aguijon (Agj-1) Run-1

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PostForum: Design Submissions   Posted: 2018-07-28 19:16   Subject: Aguijon (Agj-1) Run-1
SRT are torpedoes correct? Why is this mech carrying them? A bit of background would help here.
  Topic: Runner Run-1

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PostForum: Design Submissions   Posted: 2018-07-28 19:15   Subject: Runner Run-1
It's a heavier Jenner.
  Topic: Battletech 2018/19 Homebrewed Calendar

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PostForum: General Discussion   Posted: 2018-07-19 18:47   Subject: Battletech 2018/19 Homebrewed Calendar
Love the calendar! Excellent job!
  Topic: Shadow Hawk SHD-2S

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PostForum: Design Submissions   Posted: 2018-07-17 20:45   Subject: Shadow Hawk SHD-2S
More of Griffin with the PPCs then a Shadow Hawk...
  Topic: Ahklut AK-9-T9

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PostForum: Design Submissions   Posted: 2018-07-15 21:55   Subject: Ahklut AK-9-T9
BattleMech Technical Readout

Name/Model: Ahklut AK-9-T9
Designer: Karagin
Source(s): Custom Mordel.Net Units
Technology: Inner Sphere
Technol ...
  Topic: Warwolf Alternate Configuration F

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PostForum: Design Submissions   Posted: 2018-07-15 19:37   Subject: Warwolf Alternate Configuration F
  Topic: Anybody alive in here?

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PostForum: Mordel's Bar & Grill   Posted: 2018-07-09 17:20   Subject: Anybody alive in here?
Hope things work out. Good Luck.
  Topic: Marauder MAD-3S

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PostForum: Design Submissions   Posted: 2018-07-05 21:49   Subject: Marauder MAD-3S
Quirks as in things to add flavor to the mechs and make it so you have some reason why that mech that came out in 2740 is no longer in production like say a Locust is still around...
  Topic: Dacite DC-1-TE

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PostForum: Design Submissions   Posted: 2018-07-02 17:29   Subject: Dacite DC-1-TE
Why do you need 5 tons of ammo for the MRMs?
  Topic: King Crab KGC-022

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PostForum: Design Submissions   Posted: 2018-07-01 21:39   Subject: King Crab KGC-022
First you need to get into range that allows you to alpha effectively, those large pulse lasers need to go.
  Topic: Heat Efficiency: Unit is inefficient

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PostForum: General Discussion   Posted: 2018-06-22 21:03   Subject: Heat Efficiency: Unit is inefficient
This still comes down to knowing the weapons, their ranges and when to fire what. Same thing we all learned playing with 3025 tech.
  Topic: Heat Efficiency: Unit is inefficient

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PostForum: General Discussion   Posted: 2018-06-22 08:01   Subject: Heat Efficiency: Unit is inefficient
It comes down to this, IMO, if you are going to add the other laser, then the player needs to learn how to bracket weapons for firing to control heat. A couple of points of heat build up is not a bad ...
  Topic: Harrier Prime

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PostForum: Design Submissions   Posted: 2018-06-22 07:55   Subject: Harrier Prime
Okay so you have a heavy scout mech, seems more Steiner then Clan.

You have the space and it's Clan tech so why not use Ferro?
  Topic: Black Knight BL-8-KNT

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PostForum: Design Submissions   Posted: 2018-06-19 08:47   Subject: Black Knight BL-8-KNT
So while it's an energy weapon boat, it has the need of many of the original mechs to learn to use the weapons. You gain two heat no matter what you fire, the three lasers or the ERPPCs, so really tha ...
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