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  Topic: Bulk Unit Generation

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PostForum: General Discussion   Posted: 2020-08-06 08:53   Subject: Bulk Unit Generation
Cool beans!
  Topic: Long Tom-Berring SuperHeavy

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PostForum: Design Submissions   Posted: 2020-06-26 19:23   Subject: Long Tom-Berring SuperHeavy
Bit hard to read...
  Topic: Wasp IIC ((Ruger?s version))

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PostForum: Design Submissions   Posted: 2020-05-18 19:30   Subject: Wasp IIC ((Ruger?s version))
Nicely done.
  Topic: Latest works

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PostForum: Miniatures and Terrain   Posted: 2020-05-15 21:10   Subject: Latest works
Nice! Love the details.
  Topic: Murder Hornet HNT-MDR1C

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PostForum: Design Submissions   Posted: 2020-05-14 22:39   Subject: Murder Hornet HNT-MDR1C
So they Cicadaed the Hornet...nice! I like it!
  Topic: Usathane UTE-7T

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PostForum: Design Submissions   Posted: 2020-05-05 15:29   Subject: Usathane UTE-7T
BattleMech Technical Readout

Name/Model: Usathane UTE-7T
Designer: Karagin
Source(s): Custom Mordel.Net Units
Technology: Inner Sphere
Techno ...
  Topic: IS TO&E

Replies: 20
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PostForum: General Discussion   Posted: 2020-05-01 20:20   Subject: IS TO&E
Not to step on toes, but for me in the main board of General Discussion I too do not see the Add Attachment button, BUT I do see for the Miniature board. This might be what he is confused about maybe, ...
  Topic: Marauder 3 MAD-200TS

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PostForum: Design Submissions   Posted: 2020-04-25 21:58   Subject: Marauder 3 MAD-200TS
Folks are going to love running to this when it fires the FAE round at them.
  Topic: Linked Punching(s) and/or linked Kicking(s) combo

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PostForum: General Discussion   Posted: 2020-04-21 12:11   Subject: Linked Punching(s) and/or linked Kicking(s) combo
Reminds me of the stuff Alayne Leung would spam folks about.
  Topic: Kintaro KTO-19CWC

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PostForum: Design Submissions   Posted: 2020-04-21 12:09   Subject: Kintaro KTO-19CWC
I need to share with you my IIC takes on the SL mechs. I have them done up in HMP format, if you still have that I can email you them.
  Topic: Yorkshire Coalminer

Replies: 2
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PostForum: Design Submissions   Posted: 2020-04-05 15:53   Subject: Yorkshire Coalminer
Different. Which House would be using this?
  Topic: The Mythical Zoomer

Replies: 3
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PostForum: Design Submissions   Posted: 2020-04-01 19:20   Subject: The Mythical Zoomer
Battlesuit couch?
  Topic: Fluke WiGE Landing Craft

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PostForum: Design Submissions   Posted: 2020-04-01 19:18   Subject: Fluke WiGE Landing Craft
You can build the WiGE as hovercraft in Heavy Metal Vee and adjust as needed...odd how the majoirty of these things made better hovercraft.
  Topic: Latest paint works

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PostForum: Miniatures and Terrain   Posted: 2020-03-28 09:09   Subject: Latest paint works
Very nice! Wish I could figure out the blending/fading thing.
  Topic: Viking (Wolverine) VKG-2FWC

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PostForum: Design Submissions   Posted: 2020-03-28 09:04   Subject: Viking (Wolverine) VKG-2FWC
Nice upgrade!
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